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Thank you for visiting our WOW Women Global Membership page. The WWG Membership is the best place to start your journey to destiny; it is our first step program and includes access to everything related the WOW! Women message and resources.   Annual Membership with the WOW! Women Global includes:  online course, audio modules, screensaver, bookmarks, and complimentary WOW! Women books, devotionals and workbooks, if you remain a member when its available.

WWG Membership Includes:

wowwomen-booknbookmark__13150_zoom  WOW! Women of Destiny by Earma Brown WOW! Women of Legacy, Author Earma Brown

WOW Women Global Membership Kit

  1. WOW! Women of Worth Book (paperback)
  2. WOW! Women of Destiny Book (paperback)
  3. WOW! Women of Legacy Book (paperback)
  4. Plus Any Upcoming WOW! Women book release during 1 year membership: 21 Days To Destiny Challenge Workbook and WOW! Women 21 Days To Blessing And Prayer Challenge
  5. WOW Women Book Mark (paper)


  • WOW! Women of Worth Workbook PDF Printable (Value: $9.99)
  • WOW! Women of Destiny Workbook PDF Printable (Value: $9.99)
  • WOW! Women of Legacy Workbook  – PDF Printable (Value: $9.99)
  • WOW! Women of Worth Devotional 21 Day W.O.R.D. Challenge – PDF Downloadable Ebook (Value: $11.99)
  • WOW! Women of Destiny Plus 21 Days To Destiny Challenge – PDF Downloadable Ebook (Value: $11.99)
  • WOW! Women of Legacy Plus 21 Days Of Blessing And Prayer Challenge – PDF Downloadable Ebook (Value: $11.99)
  • WOW! Women Screensaver. You also receive a high quality screensaver that you can use on your desktop to be inspired  in your work. (Value: $9.99)
  • Writing A Book God’s Way – 100 Days To A Book Online Course (Value: $297)

$197 $79 Introductory Offer

WOW! Women Global, Founder Earma Brown

May God bless you! Sign-up today, I’m ready to instruct you in your future, your expected end, your destiny.

Remember, “In Christ, we reign as queens!”

Earma Brown,
WOW Women Series

P.S. More important benefits coming soon! No worries, join today and benefits are added to your account as they become available. Thank you. -Team at WOW! Women Global

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About Author
Earma Brown inspires women around the world to become women of destiny, purpose, and victory through speaking engagements, her books, Bible curriculum and studies. She is the author of the trilogy of Wow! Women books: Women of Worth, Women of Destiny and Women of Legacy, the Armorbearer Training Series, Prayer Fulfilled Life book set and Writing A Book God’s Way. She and her husband Varn lives in Dallas Texas.